BourgogneHautes-Côtes de Nuits"Cuvée Rosalie"

The Vineyard

The Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits "Cuvée Rosalie" is a parcel selection, produced in the town of Magny-lès-Villers on the localities "Les Chasserots", in the upper part. This cuvée is not bottled in each vintage, but only in years when the aromatic profile allows to have an exceptional cuvée.




0.37 ha

Altitude and exposure

Magny-lès-Villers: 340 m, facing South / Southeast


Clay-limestone, dark brown, with the presence of calcareous rocks

Grape variety

Pinot Noir, average age 50 years, Guyot trained


10 000 vines / hectare on low trellising

Cultural method

Organic Culture

The Cellar

Harvested by hand and at maturity, the grapes are then sorted, destemmed 100% and put in vats. The wines are cooled to around 10°C. The vatting lasts between 20 and 25 days with alternating punching and pumping over depending on the tastings. After racking, pressing and settling, the wine is sung to make its malolactic fermentation and begin aging for about 18 to 20 months in total. Only one racking and no filtration before bottling.


Only 3 barrels: one new, one two years old and one 4 years old, for 15 months Then 3 to 5 months in mass in tanks.


740 bottles and 80 magnums.


75cl bottles. 150cl magnums.

The Tasting


Intense and deep red.


Ripe and fresh berries with a chalky note.


Frank, ample attack, good volume in the middle of the mouth, vertical structure, nice length with a fresh finish.

The Service

Service temperature



Open 5-10 minutes before tasting. Ideally, serve in Burgundy glasses.

Potential Guard

5 to 8 years

Food and wine pairing

Ideal with grilled or sautéed red meats, as well as duck. When young, also delightful with shellfish and red fleshed fish (mullet, tuna Atlantic Bonito).