BourgogneHautes-Côtes de Nuits

The Vineyard

Grapes grown in the commune of Magny-lès-Villers, plots "Les Mailles", "La Flie", and "Sous le Mont" join together with grapes from the commune of Villers-la-Faye, plot "Les Chasserots", to produce the Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Nuits.


2.37 ha

Altitude and exposure

Villers-la-Faye: 345 m, facing South / Southeast // Magny-lès-Villers: 340 m, facing South / Southeast


Dark brown chalky clay soil containing limestone cobbles

Grape variety

Pinot Noir, average age 45 years, Guyot trained


10 000 vines / hectare on low trellising

Cultural method

Minimal bilogical intervention

The Cellar

Hand-picked at optimum ripeness, the grapes are then sorted, 100% destemmed and put into vats. Fermentation lasts between 20 and 25 days. After racking, pressing and settling, the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation and being aged for between 18 and 20 months. The wine is then racked before being bottle, unfiltered.


20 - 30% in new oak barrels


Average 9300 bottles per annum


75cl bottles. For larger sizes contact the Domaine at the beginning of the year.

The Tasting


Brilliant ruby


Ripe forest fruits with a hint of chalkiness


Full rounded and generous with a good weight and a smooth ripe structure. The fresh fruits aromas carry through to the finish.

The Service

Service temperature



Open 5-10 minutes before tasting. Ideally, serve in Burgundy glasses.

Potential Guard

5 to 8 years

Food and wine pairing

Ideal with grilled or sautéed red meats, as well as duck. When young, also delightful with shellfish and red fleshed fish (mullet, tuna Atlantic Bonito).